DSLR facts

  1. mirror system inside lets you preview through the view finder the same image that is being captured on film / sensor
  2. prime vs. zoom lenses
  3. kit lens
  4. af( auto focus ) manuel
  5. zoom and focus
  6. Digital Single Lens Reflex
  7. one major way that DSLRs are different from consumer “point and shoot” cameras or phones
  8. comparing focus tools
  9. kit lens
  10. useful handful tools
  11. detachable hand tools
  12. lenses and focus
  13. proper remover
  14. exposer
  15. iso
  16. choosing iso
  17. iso and gain
  18. shutter speed
  19. shutter and speed video
  20. tripods
  21. everything but let you choose brightness
  22. depth of field
  23. how every this is decided in slide 29
  24. practice with camera simulators
  25. and how white balance works

Framing Compositions

  1. Do I have a strong composition I believe I have strong composition
  2. How well did I edit my photographs I think I edited my photo quit well
  3. What would I do differently if I shot this assignment again I would take my time
  4. do you think your photographs belong of the home page and should be considered one of the best from all the classes I believe my photos do belong

Photography article

From the article I learned that Apollo’s wife died not long before I met him in the hills of northern Laos. Also , how the low and dim lighting works . How she was using the dark house to evoke this story . Another thing I’ve learned was she tried to capture a sad imagine . Furthermore I learned this story  He remained alone, continuing to read the prayer book. At first, my initial thought was “wow, what loneliness”. But then I thought, ”wow, what strength”. I learned how portrait photos are . And how to create a stronger portrait photo .  A good portrait tells us something about the person in the image, and composition is a key element that helps us create a storytelling portrait.

I think good composition is a combination of the scene on the ground and the scene within your head. It combines the available with the desirable. Also I learned that using natural lighting with light only explanations of the thinking process and goals in terms of composition. Another thing I found interesting was explanations of the thinking process and goals in terms of composition. As Ansel Adams said, don’t forget that every image has two people behind it. the photographer and the viewer. So you might not feel the same emotions as I do with the images I created. But that’s okay, because photography is both an art and a science. Action shots are a great way to identify what is commonly thought to be the crux of any story. However, the action shots are just the gravy on the mashed potatoes. The real story lies in the elements surrounding the action. Think about a wedding. The pinnacle of action of a wedding involves the words “I do” and a kiss. However, the best shots are captured before and after that moment.


This picture about surrealism is A very beautiful photo . I loved how much details it has . I feel as this photo has a lot of meaningful things behind it . Furthermore, The sky is very pretty . The photo has a lot of color . Color I don’t really see . In the photo I see a boat in the photo . The colors look like they are fading . I can see that this photo was taken later on in the day like at 7:30 . This photo looks like he is for the waiting for the boat or he is looking at the sky. This is my response on this topic .


iso 32100 f56 5.6 ss125 50mm , m

iso 32100 f56 5.6 ss125 50mm , m

iso 32100 f56 5.6 ss125 50mm , m

iso 32100 f56 5.6 ss125 50mm , m


The reason I decided to choose this photo was because of how the picture has such a good angle . It’s a pretty photo as well . This photo with catch readers attention . Furthermore the lighting and details are great as well . They are pretty and is a view you won’t just see everywhere . It has a great angle from a high point . It look as if its a fake photo because of how beautiful the photo is . It seems as if the photo is edited . It has color texture . Also , looks like this photo was taken in certain hours . For example , golden hour when the sun is going down getting to evening . This angle is great because it looks like it was taken from a drown . This is my response on this topic about my image angles .